• Unit  2 , Second floor , Haft Aseman Building , Hamzeh St, East  Hasht-Behesht St, Isfahan, Iran

Alyaf Termeh Espadana

We are in textile industry more than 20 years, we have started serving in textile industry in 1998 . Since 2014 Alyaf  Termeh  Espadana is producing machinery – made carpets, Persian Rugs, yarn and fabrics. We are combining our experience and high quality textile products and services


 We value the fresh perspective that experienced professionals can bring in global level, working with modern business rules and respecting our international and local stakeholders, competitors and protecting the environment by working with innovative and creative people in business to improve the quality of lives We are fully flexible to change, proving our effectiveness on the global level, and continually innovating and employing smart practices, relying on qualification and focusing on stakeholders (customers, employees, external investors and internal stakeholders). We play a major role in promoting the brand of Alyaf Termeh and leading the domestic market and having an effective presence in international Textile markets


Customers are our primary asset and we hold ourselves accountable to everyone who uses the products and services provided by Alyaf Termeh Espadana. We are proud to implement the latest technology made by the world leaders in textile machinery and material handling systems leading to state-of-the art global standard facilities. Believing in win-win philosophy in every kind of relationship, including business, for building a mutually beneficial business relationship with our business partners. We believe that with The Global Business Complexity, it is not possible to making profit without thinking about the other

Working Strategies

 Maintaining and developing our share in Textile industry in domestic and international markets with a particular focus on improving the company’s image in global market and applying innovative ideas to create the best offers including quality, price, and packaging to our customers in order to customer satisfaction

Improving the research and development sector in our company by working close with reputable research centers

Taking advantage of market and product development strategies, in particular offering high quality products with the aim of differentiating from our competitors and promoting our  products and services in domestic and global markets

 Training and improving organizational processes to grow and enhance our organizational culture and staff knowledge

 Improving our marketing activities including Market research, distribution strategy, pricing, promotion and improvement of company products and best practices for measuring customer satisfaction

 Focus on and care to businesses with competitive advantage, increasing market share in domestic and global markets, and discovering new markets

Ethical strategy

Honesty, trust, respect our competitors, accountability, responsibility and respect for human dignity are key principles in our organizational culture

 With respect to all domestic and international regulations that are not against with our ethical principles for humans and our business strategies

Hiring quality employee and caring to the meritocratic equality of opportunity and making career promotion opportunities for all staff and eliminating racial and ethnic  disparities such as kinship, friendship, nationality, race, language, religion, beliefs, and even gender

Focus on training at all levels and empowering all employee in our organization to create the sense of job security and move towards to benefit our organization in long term , it will bring qualified, loyal and effective people to the top of the organization that have gained the qualifications

Build deep empathy among all employees by eliminating unnecessary conflicts