More than 3 decades passed from the time that I stepped into the world of textile near my folks and ancestors. But passing that time doesn’t make any oblivion of that great experiences and I remember them now and then.

We create Alyaf Termeh to make a secure business workplace and a serious field to examine and realization of the young generation’s abilities.

For us, it has been a worthy and at the same time challenging aim to have a company that can obviate part of the obstacles and difficulties of the textile industry.

We found Alyaf Termeh to be a part of textile industrial history and also be an aware witness of raising promotion of that.

Now we are glad that we went through all those challenging days, with development and dynamism and stepping into the way that is all about turning the world into a commercial village. In this new era, our company aim and able to create ingenious and inspiring ideas.  We hope to leave a remarkable result in this industry.

Company introduction:

Alyaf Termeh Espadana with a vision to improve businesses in the textile industry and relying on previous knowledge and experiences of founders and shareholders to do economical and specialized activities have been registered under the number of 53812 in 2014 in office of registration of companies and non-profit institution and its company brand under the number of 265743 in 2016.