Codes of conduct:


  • To preserve and develop the domestic and international market, considering specifically to raise company‘s position through generating new and creative ideas to create and improve the options that have been given to the customers (quality, prices, packaging) to satisfy our business partners.
  • Utilization of strategies of market, product, and influence development. Particularly with offering variable products to be distinguishable in the field of quality and quantity.
  • Audit and improve the organizational process and develop and increase the organizational culture of employees with constant training.
  • Improvement of the marketing department in line with activities such as market research and distribution strategy, pricing, and amelioration of company products and customer assessment.
  • Concentration and strengthen in the fields that we have got competitive advantages. Discovering and investing in developed and hidden markets.
  • Amplify the research and innovation department, prioritize goals of creating opportunities to have accessibility to modern technologies, establish strategic connections with research centers in and outside of the country, and training skilled employees.

Codes of ethics:


  • Honesty, trusteeship, respective behavior toward rivals profits in increasingly competitive markets, responding, responsibility, and respect of human generosity are the main principle in our organizational culture.
  • Respect all of the domestic and international regulations that are compatible with ethics, human, commercial strategies principle.
  • Having great attention on choosing and hiring meritorious employees with a magnificent concentration on meritocracy, equal opportunities, and job promotion rights without effects of ethnicity, family, friendship, nationality, race, language, religion, beliefs, and even gender.
  • The great extent of concentration on training employees of the companies to create job security and move toward beneficiary and effectiveness of people working in every department.
  • Create perfect sympathetic relations between employees through decreasing unnecessary connections and respect of organizational hierarchy.