The term reactive signifies that the dyes react rapidly with an inert fiber like cotton and produce covalent bond formation with excellent colorfastness. So, this dyestuff is called reactive dye.Reactive dyes are textile dyes which are caused a chemical reaction between colors and fibers. Currently, reactive dyes are used remarkably to dye cellulose fibers. These materials can dye one type of fibers solely or a combination of fibers. Reactive dyes use to dye and wool and silk fibers but a little group of dispersing reactive dyes (procinyl) use for dyeing nylons.These dyes consider as powdery dyes which are Water soluble with excellent fastness and brightness.With the help of salt and base; cotton fabrics absorb reactive dyes. Salt creates a strong bond between products and dyes that results in perfect washing fastness and avoids fading of colors by passing time.Reactive dyes use to dye wool and silk fibers also.