Yarn and fibers are raw materials that are used in different applications in daily life. Currently using yarn and fibers....


The textile industry is one of the most widely used industries Today, this industry is used in the preparation of clothes in different designs and colors.

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During a person's career, clothing is one of the most important issues that he deals with. Work clothes are very important for industrial jobs

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More than 3 decades have passed since I have stepped into the field of textiles with my father, ancestors, and relatives. It has not caused me to stop revisiting those days and that great experience. We created cashmere fibers to provide a safe platform for business growth And it should be a serious business to test and realize the abilities of young people. In our opinion, having a company that can solve some of the obstacles and problems of the country's textile industry has been a serious and yet challenging aspiration. We established cashmere fibers to be a part of the history of the textile industry and to be an informed witness for the increasing improvement of this industry. Now we are happy that we have been able to overcome those challenging days, grow and dynamize ourselves and take a step in the path where the talk of turning the world into a business village is discussed. The company wants and can be a carrier for the creation of creative and inspiring ideas in this new era. It is hoped that we will always be remembered for goodness and always be proud in front of the Almighty God.

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Dr. Fatemeh Hadelvand

Dr. Fatemeh Hadelvand

Head of the Board
Mr Sepehr Taghizade

Mr Sepehr Taghizade

Foreign Trade Expert
Mr Farzad Mohammadi

Mr Farzad Mohammadi

Domestic business Expert


Spadana AlyafTermeh company operates at the international level and by observing the rules of modern trade and respecting domestic and foreign stakeholders and competitors, and respecting the environment, it strives to achieve innovation, creativity and teamwork in production, import and The export of various products of our own and other business partners has a constructive role in improving the quality of life of the society. We prove our effectiveness on the global stage with complete flexibility in the face of changes, and with continuous innovation and smart methods, relying on human resources competencies and focusing on the interests of stakeholders (customers, employees, external investors and internal shareholders). We play a major role in promoting the name of Spadana cashmere fibers and gaining leadership in the domestic market and effective presence in international markets.

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The fact is that success in any work requires two wings of experience and modern technology. that we are active in the field of selling different types of fibers, yarns, fabrics, work clothes, machines, etc., just contact our experts