Acrylic fibers are kinds of synthetic fibers that in nature are similar to synthetic wool. 85 % of the chemical structure of this fiber is made of mono acrylonitrile.  This kind of fiber has a wide range of usage in rugs, carpets, knitting fabrics, blankets, etc. Alyaf Termeh Espadana can provide acrylic fibers with a thickness of 7.7 -5.6-3.3  Dtex, fixed cut-length of  135mm,130 mm, also the variable cut-length of 100-135,110-150 luster ,dull, semi-dull.Acrylic fibers consider as one of the most important and widely used synthetic fibers.They are also widely used in making machinery carpets, blankets, winter clothing, thick knitting, and curtains.Acrylic tow likewise with fineness, high-quality and with a thickness of 2.75, 1.75, 2.2, 3.3, 5.6 Dtex and in the form of bright, and dull and semi-dull lusters.