Cotton is made from the fibers that cover the cottonseed. Cotton fibers are considered as main and natural fibers. These fibers are often used in yarns and spinning procedures. And also because of their low cost, they are broadly used in fabric making.The average length of cotton fibers is around 14-36 mm and a diameter of 15-20 mic. The tenacity of 3-6 gm/den and elongation of 5-7 %. In the standard condition of 20c and 65% relative humidity, cotton fibers absorb 8% moisture. The shortest fiber of cotton is about 2 cm and the longest one is about 6 cm. The thickness of them is like human hair but their tenacity is very high.The cotton which is called white gold has a wide usages in clothing, bed sheets, curtains ,towels and fabrics that used in medical, cleaning ,and filtration applications.