Viscose is a semi-natural fiber that can absorb moisture nicely and in some cases 50 % more than cotton fibers.  It is good to know with absorbing moisture, the tenacity of these fibers is reduced. Therefore, if the fabric which is made of these fabrics gets wet, the tenacity of fibers weaken and the fabric life decreased. Also, viscose fibers can dye fast and can be easily dyed with several colors.  The breathability of these fabrics makes them consider as one of the cool fabrics and heat-conductive, that is the reason why they keep body temperature quite well. Because of the low tenacity of viscose fibers, they are used for bed sheets, table cloth, men and women clothes, underwear, and sportswear. Viscose fibers (VSF) are made of natural materials mostly such as plants that have cellulose like rice straw, wheat straw, and sugarcane. In the case of external look and multifaceted and toothed texture, they are similar to cotton.