A textile yarn is a continuous strand of staple or filament fibers arranged in a suitable form for weaving, knitting, or other form of fabric assembly. Also, a yarn is a textile product of substantial length and relatively small cross-section consisting of fibers with twist and/or filaments without twist. The yarn can be twisted with one or more yarns to increase value or aesthetics. Traditionally, yarns have been constructed fibers of finite length called staple fibers. Today, continuous filament yarns are also used to construct yarns.Filament yarns tend to be smoother, more lustrous, more uniform, harsher, and less absorbent. Spun yarns with a hairy surface, uneven appearance, and lower luster are softer, and more absorbent. Spun yarn is the yarn of choice in many woven and knitted fabric products.In case of texture, yarns are divided in three groups: natural, synthetic and combined.And in case of colors; they are available in white and other colors.Yarns also used in textile (making clothes and carpets) and medical industry.